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General principles of mathematics (Ub)

Mathematics (U)
    General principles of mathematics (Ub)
        Mathematical methods (Ubb)
             Use For: Mathematical techniques
        Mathematical relations (Ube)
        Approximation (Mathematics) (Ubf)
             Use For: Approximations
        Combinatorial analysis (Ubk)
        Mathematical models (Ubm)
             Use For: Three dimensional
        Theorems (Ubt)
    Algebra and number theory (Ud)
    Arithmetic (Uf)
    Mathematical analysis (Uh)
    Heuristic methods (Uk)
    Topology (Un)
    Operations research (Uo)
    Geometry (Up)
    Statistical analysis (Us)
         Use For: Mathematical statistics; Statistical methods
         Related Term (Associative): ; Statistics (Usu)
    Trigonometry (Ut)