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Descriptive statistics (Usy)

Computer viruses ()
Mathematics (U)
    Statistical analysis (Us)
         Use For: Mathematical statistics; Statistical methods
         Related Term (Associative): Computer viruses (); Statistics (Usu)
        Analysis of variance (Usa)
             Use For: Variance analysis
        Backcalculation (Usb)
        Correlation analysis (Usd)
             Use For: Correlation (Mathematics)
        Estimation theory (Use)
        Hypothesis testing (Usf)
        Mathematical prediction (Ush)
             Related Term (Associative): Forecasting (Epdmf)
        Meta-analysis (Usi)
        Multivariate analysis (Usj)
        Nonparametric analysis (Usk)
        Parametric analysis (Usm)
        Probability (Usp)
        Randomization (Usq)
        Ranking (Statistics) (Usr)
        Regression analysis (Uss)
             Use For: Regression
        Reliability (Statistics) (Ust)
        Statistics (Usu)
             Related Term (Associative): Computer viruses (); Computer viruses (); Computer viruses (); Statistical analysis (Us)
        Sequential analysis (Usv)
        Statistical sampling (Usw)
             Use For: Sampling (Statistics)
        Stochastic processes (Usx)
             Use For: Random processes
        Descriptive statistics (Usy)
            Dispersion (Statistics) (Usyb)
            Distributions (Statistics) (Usyd)
                 Use For: Distribution theory; Probability distribution functions; Statistical distributions
            Factors (Statistics) (Usyf)
            Measures of central tendency (Usyg)
            Deviation (Statistics) (Usyh)
            Range (Statistics) (Usyr)
            Time series (Usyt)
            Trend (Statistics) (Usyv)