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Weibull distributions (Usydx)

Computer viruses ()
Mathematics (U)
    Statistical analysis (Us)
         Use For: Mathematical statistics; Statistical methods
         Related Term (Associative): Computer viruses (); Statistics (Usu)
        Descriptive statistics (Usy)
            Distributions (Statistics) (Usyd)
                 Use For: Distribution theory; Probability distribution functions; Statistical distributions
                Beta distributions (Usydb)
                Binomial distributions (Usydd)
                Chi square distributions (Usydf)
                Delta functions (Usydj)
                Exponential distributions (Usydk)
                Frequency distributions (Usydl)
                Gamma distributions (Usydn)
                Geometric distributions (Usydp)
                Normal distributions (Usydr)
                Poisson distributions (Usydt)
                Skewed distributions (Usydv)
                Weibull distributions (Usydx)