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Dictionaries (Xxk)

Computer viruses ()
Information, data, and knowledge (X)
     Related Term (Associative): Management and organization (C); Information technology (Ttgj)
    Documents (Xx)
        Monographs (Xxb)
             Use For: Books
        Serials (Xxf)
        Dictionaries (Xxk)
            Definitions (Xxkd)
                 Use For: Terminology
            Encyclopedias (Xxke)
            Glossaries (Xxkg)
        Registers (Xxl)
        Correspondence (Xxm)
             Use For: Letters (Correspondence)
        Patents (Xxp)
             Related Term (Associative): Inventions (Eyi)
        Reviews (Xxq)
        Reports (Xxr)
        Specifications (Xxs)
             Related Term (Associative): Tolerances (Engineering) (Qvt)
        Tables (Data) (Xxt)
        Forms (Documents) (Xxu)
             Use For: Paper forms; Report forms
        Visual presentations (Xxv)
        Multimedia (Xxw)
        Translations (Xxx)
        Legal documents (Xxy)
             Use For: Case law
             Related Term (Associative): Laws and legislation (Cre); Law (Tgr)