About the Transportation Research Thesaurus (TRT)

The Transportation Research Thesaurus (TRT) was initially developed under NCHRP Project 20-32 to provide a tool to improve the indexing and retrieval of transportation information. The thesaurus covers all modes and aspects of transportation. A primary use will be to provide a common and consistent language between producers and users of the Transportation Research Information Services (TRIS) Database. The thesaurus is currently also used as an indexing tool for federal, state and university collections.

The TRT Web site allows users to access terminology through Alphabetical, Hierarchical, Keyword In Context or Keyword Out of Context displays. The full display shows relationship of terms including SN (Scope Notes), UF (used for terms), BT (Broader Term), NT (Narrower Term), and RT (Related Term).

Through the use of the TRT's standardized vocabulary, the transportation community's access to information has been improved.

For further information on the development of Transportation Research Thesaurus see NCHRP Report 450 - Transportation Research Thesaurus and User Guide.

A brochure describing the major features and functions of the TRT is available. A slide presentation provides an overview of the TRT, including details on what it is, how it is structured, why it is useful, and how it is updated. Three video tutorials on how and why to use the TRT are also available: Why Use the Transportation Research Thesaurus?, Super Searching with the Transportation Research Thesaurus, and Keywords for the Technical Report Documentation Page: Let the TRT Help.